How to take your Fingerprint Impression

1. Ensure fingers are clean and dry before you start.

2. Remove the blue putty from its pot and divide into two equal size balls, do the same with the white, keeping them separate at the moment.



3. Take one white ball of putty and one blue ball of putty (make sure they are of equal size) and knead together until it is a consistent pale blue colour. Take care to make sure it is evenly mixed with no streaks. Once the putty is mixed, roll into a ball.




The putty will harden in a few minutes so it is important to move to the next stage as quickly as you can

4. Place the ball on to a hard surface. Press the finger into the ball and then lift up. Try to keep the finger horizontal as you press and avoid going too deep and all the way through! Lift the finger rather than sliding it out to avoid smudging the print.




If you are unhappy with your first attempt then roll the putty back into a ball and try again. You are aiming for a clear print without any pucker's or ridges in the impression. 




5. Repeat these steps using the remaining two balls.

6. Leave the moulds to set for 5 - 10 minutes. They are ready when you can press your nail into the side without it leaving a mark.

7. Put the impressions back into the pots (one in each) to help protect them. Write your name and the name of whose fingerprint it is on the label of the grip seal bag and place both pots inside and seal.




8. Place the grip seal bag (or bags if you are ordering more than one pendant) into the prepaid plastic envelope and return to Hotchpotch for us to work our magic!